Sample Survey:
Math Project Chapter 7
During Chapter 7 we will be working with data sets and using statistics to evaluate that data. This project will show that you are able to do so!
Your assignment is to get people to take your online poll and/or text message poll for your choice of subject. You will give them 4 choices to choose from. For example: What is their favorite ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, rocky road, or cookies and cream. The person can go to the web-address you are assigned or text their answer to the service. This will be done outside of class (though I will give you a chance in the classroom) and is due March 3. You may ask people in our class, 6th graders, teachers, or actually anyone you know. I would recommend that most people will be 6th graders. You will be in charge of advertising your survey. Also please note that you are not to get students to text during school hours and standard text messaging rates apply.
The next part of the assignment will be done in class. You will need a large blank white poster board by March 4. Bring markers to school on these days as well! On the poster you and your partner will make a tally, bar graph, circle graph, and line graph of the data. We will do this in class. Then you will take the data and make the bar graph on a computer.
Next you will take your information and write a business plan (for example if you do ice cream, maybe write a plan for making more vanilla because it is the winning ice cream flavor).
The poster and business plan are due on March 9 and we will finish the computer based graph in class.

Recap of due dates:

March 3 – People’s choices (shoot for at least 25!)
March 4 – Poster board and markers
March 9 – Completed project due

We will still be learning on these days, but will spend part of class working.