Letter sent home on Sept. 2:

Now that I am back the students will have a project that is due September 12. The students will track the hurricanes Hanna and Ike. The project will show how math and science are used in everyday life. Every night it will be the student’s responsibility to record the coordinates of each storm (once Hanna dies out, Ike will just be tracked). I will include links to websites that will have tracking data on my wiki (that link will be http://mmsroom207.wikispaces.com/Hurricane), you can also watch the weather channel to find these coordinates. Headline News during the past week has had a box that states the coordinates at the right hand bottom of the screen. This project will be worth 200 points.
Directions for the Project:
Every night check the internet sites or watch television and find the coordinates of each hurricane. If you use the internet check at least 2 sites – this helps with accuracy. The coordinates of a storm's location look like (20ºN, 75ºW), the first coordinate is the current latitude of the storm and the second coordinate is the longitude.
Record the data you have found on the tracking map and the charts you were given. Do not forget to include the date and time on the chart. You will use the same map for both hurricanes, but will have 2 separate charts for each hurricane. On the tracking map, Hanna will be tracked in red ink and Ike in blue.
To plot each location of the storm over time, do the following:
  1. Determine the latitude of the storm, the first coordinate in the pair, and locate it on the map (usually followed by an N or S). Latitude measures how far north or south a location is from the Equator (on a map, lines of latitude run east and west).
  2. Determine the longitude, the second coordinate in the pair (usually followed by a W or E), and locate it on the map. Longitude measures how far east or west a location is from the Prime Meridian (on a map, lines of longitude run north and south).
  3. Draw a (for a hurricane) or a (for a tropical storm) on the weather map.
I will explain this project step by step to the students in class.

Links to track hurricane: